Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Parental control app for shared devices.

Contacted top 10 parental control app vendors and asked them for following features but none had this.

Wanted a parental control app that can be used on a shared device and app access are granted based on face recognition, app based time management.


I am looking for parental control app for my 7 year old son.
He has one dedicated Android tab and he also has uses my wife’s phone.
I want to have following parental control, let me know if you support it.
I want to have 'app-specific time management' and 'unlocking app using face detection' on my wife’s phone ,

  • Certain apps can be opened only based on face detection
  • My son should not be able to watch YouTube on my wife’s phone for more than 30 minutes, while my wife should have no time limitation, make use of face detection.
  • YouTube can not be watched between 5PM to 7 PM.